Exciting New Pandora Style Bead Range!

After months of design, sculpting, mouldmaking and casting it became apparent that I needed a centrifugal spin casting machine for these teeny tiny works of art!  These beautiful beads are so small I just couldn’t get enough force to push the metal into all the details trying to pour each on by hand.  Much blood, sweat, tears and a few curse words were endured before I had to admit defeat and look into spin casting machines.  What is one of those I hear you say?  Well it’s a nifty machine that spins the hot metal into every single nook and cranny no matter how tiny the piece of jewellery is.  Good job I’m married to a genius who designed and made one just for me!

So after many failed test casts and inadequate moulds I now have a fantastic machine that spins the pewter to perfection!  Super exciting!

Each bead takes many many hours of hard work to reach it’s final highly polished and antiqued destination.  They will fit on all pandora, trollbead, chamilia and other such style bracelets and bangles.  They will arrive to you in a super soft black velvet gift bag ready to put on your chosen bracelet.

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