Hello everyone!

After almost 3 months in the making, from concept to sculpt to being brought fully to life…. I’m excited to share my first ever Silicone Baby “Ellie” with you all!

Measuring just 11 Inches and weighing a dainty 1lb 4oz she is ready for her new forever home. There will only be 10 Baby Ellie/Elliott (yes she can be custom ordered as a boy) available worldwide if the mould holds up. This is my Dark Haired No.1 Prototype Рfully sculpted, moulded, poured, painted, micro rooted (with rooted eyelashes) and has a little outfit also hand sewn by me. She fits into preemie nappies perfectly. Only 8 slots left. I ship worldwide, I do NOT sell blanks, only fully finished babies. You can choose her skin tone and hair colour and of course gender.

This baby has been a really special piece for me and those of you who know me personally, know why.

Please study her photos by clicking HERE.

Thanks for looking!